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This is still a to-do item for me...

Dungeons & Dragons

I do a limited amount of D&D development these days. I'd prefer fewer limits, but time just doesn't afford all my projects much allotment. I also play in a few friends' campaigns.

The big piece here is that I've got a very elaborate campaign world called Basalt Tides.


Every Friday (for the most part), I host a weekly social gathering. We used to play games (specifically the parlor whodunit game Mafia and the telephone/Pictionary hybrid I've dubbed Fax Machine), but those are more rare these days (please come and request something!). We also used to play a large number of word games, especially the Scrabble/Rummy card game called Quiddler.

Magic: The Gathering

I used to play this collectible card game a little too seriously. I save far more money ignoring it.